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Niobium for sale


At TRADIUM, niobium is available in the following forms and purities for industrial use:

Deliverable forms

Niobium bars, pieces, foils and sheets

In purities 99.8 – 99.9%


On request

Delivery times

On request


Product specifications on composition and purity are on request

Do you need niobium with special delivery forms or specifications?
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Fields of application

The industry processes niobium with iron (ferroniobium) or nickel (nickel niobium) in stainless steel alloys for the highest thermal and mechanical demands placed on gas turbines and pipeline construction. Niobium alloys with titanium are superconductive and are, therefore, suitable for cables and magnets in rocket and satellite construction. In addition, niobium is a component of alloys with non-metals, such as zirconium. Due to its low intrinsic weight, niobium is used in the automotive sector, reducing fuel consumption. Thanks to its strong biocompatibility, the metal is also used as a material for dental implants.

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