ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Every Day.

Achieve Perfection Every Day.

TRADIUM has introduced a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2003 to ensure the consistent quality of our services and organisational processes.

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TRADIUM works purposefully to continuously optimize all divisions of the company and thus to assume the responsibility towards its customers, suppliers, and employees.

Our quality objectives are questioned and redefined every year in view of the current requirements of the market. In doing so, we regularly set measurable targets that are in line with our quality policy. As an ISO-certified company, we also document the quality of our products and services.

Some of our targets

High Customer Satisfaction

Our focus is on our customers and their needs and wishes. TRADIUM impresses with the quality of the services and thus contributes to the economic success of its customers.

Zero-Error Philosophy

TRADIUM basically relies on error prevention against error detection. All our employees also strive to actively cooperate in error detection and thus ensure the continuous perfection of processes and products.

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Supplier Loyalty

The quality of the suppliers, their products and services also determine the quality of our products. That’s why we take good care of our supplier relationships and value continuity.


TRADIUM GmbH is aware of its responsibility towards society. Responsible use of resources (employees, capital and environment) is our logical consequence. Therefore, we pay attention to conflict material requirements and select suppliers to the exclusion of countries under the Dodd-Frank Act.