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Zirconium for sale


At TRADIUM, zirconium is available in the following forms for industrial use:

Deliverable forms

Zirconium metal powder in various purities and grains (dry or suspended in water or alcohol)

Zirconium hydride powder in various purities and grains

Zirconium dioxide, monoclin, in various purities and grains

Zirconium nickel powder

Zirconium semi-finished products and zirconium sponge

Zirconium boride

Delivery times

On request


Product specifications on composition and purity are on request

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Fields of application

In pyrotechnical compounds, zirconium is indispensible in the production of initiators for airbags, in mining and for controlled detonations. In addition, the technology metal is used in the fuel elements of nuclear power plants. It increases the corrosion resistance of steel and is a component in superalloys for the construction of turbines. Furthermore, it is ideal as a getter material in vacuum systems. Zirconium is required in the production of fireproof ceramic and dental alloys and for paints and varnishes. Zirconium hydride serves as a blowing agent in the manufacturing of zinc foam.

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