Experienced, Engaged, Certified

Experienced, Engaged, Certified

Since its foundation in 1999, TRADIUM GmbH has grown continuously. Founder and managing director Matthias Rueth has always been guided by his high standards of quality. Today, Rüth and 30 colleagues work together to not only meet but exceed the expectations of its customers on a daily basis.

Reliable for 25 Years

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As an owner-managed company, TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt Main has been successfully operating for a variety of customers since 1999. We supply a range of innovative industrial sectors that use technology metals, rare earth metals and precious metals,

including electronics, automotive, glass and ceramics, and dental technology. In addition to the close cooperation with industrial customers, TRADIUM also offers private customers the purchase of strategic metals as an investment form for the diversification of the portfolio.

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In its 25-year company history, TRADIUM has acquired a renowned position worldwide in rare earths and technology metals. We maintain good international contacts with producers and consumers. This is evident, among other things, in our cooperation with Beijing Jiya (one of the largest gallium producers in China), for which TRADIUM acts as exclusive producer representative on the European market. TRADIUM is also a partner for Vesta SI in Germany.


Founded in May 1999 by Matthias Rüth, TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt Main was a classic garage company. The initiative to start a company came from Matthias Rüth’s many years of experience as a commodities trader at the then DEGUSSA AG and the knowledge gained with it about the exciting future of strategic raw materials. Soon, the company grew with the increasing relevance of its products. Accordingly, in 2006, with increasing space requirements, the move to the current company premises in Frankfurt Niederrad took place.

n order to serve the increasing interest of private customers in technology metals and rare earths, the sister company METLOCK GmbH was founded in April 2011, which allows industry as well as private customers to store raw materials. The safety of the goods is ensured by a bunker from the Second World War, which was extensively renovated in 2011-2013 and thus successfully converted from a wartime memorial to an investment in the future.

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In order to continuously optimize the quality of company processes and product standards, ISO 9001 certification was introduced in 2003. As a trader for the most important raw materials, REACH registration followed in 2018 and thus the company’s investment in compliance with environmental protection guidelines as well as open communication along the retail chain.

In 25 years of company history, the one-man company has become a renowned, medium-sized, owner-managed company with best contacts with producers and industry. The core team, consisting of family members and long-time colleagues from the industrial sector, has remained stable, which has made TRADIUM a constant in the field of strategic raw materials.

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Sense of Responsibility

Sense of Responsibility

TRADIUM GmbH takes its responsibility as an employer, supplier and part of a global trading community seriously. As an employer, we ensure that the safety of our employees is guaranteed at all times. We guarantee our customers the use of reliable processes and compliance with the agreed specifications. We support this claim with REACH certifications for our most important raw materials and our associated promise of transparency along the supply chain. As a commitment to occupational safety, also in the global context and a sign against human rights violations, we also follow the international guidelines on conflict materials.

Quality Standard

TRADIUM is constantly working on its own performance in order not only to meet the expectations of our customers, business partners and employees, but also to exceed them. To this end, ISO certification was introduced in 2003, with new company objectives formulated each year in line with the current situation. Goals such as customer satisfaction and continuous process optimization are firmly at the heart of our quality policy.

Promotion of Employees

We believe in involving our employees in the responsibility for the company’s products and services. To ensure this, TRADIUM creates a corporate culture that empowers its employees to act independently and responsibly. Accordingly, we invest in targeted promotion and further education in order to support the individual skills of our team members in the best possible way.

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Environmental protection and sustainable action have always been a high priority at TRADIUM. This starts with the extraction of the metals. Strategic raw materials mostly come from regions where environmental protection often does not (yet) meet European standards. As an important customer of the manufacturers, we have the opportunity, together with others, to have a positive influence in this context and use it.

Through their use in the future technologies sector, our products also promote innovative ways to protect the environment and support sustainability. The technology metals and rare earths marketed by TRADIUM enable a reduction in material and energy consumption as well as the avoidance of environmental toxins through special properties such as high electrical and energy conductivity.

TRADIUM also relies on a resource-efficient business concept. We participate in the recycling of strategic raw materials by offering our customers the purchase of recyclable materials.