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Titanium for sale


At TRADIUM, titanium is available in the following forms for industrial use:

Deliverable forms

Titanium metal powder in various purities and grains

Titanium hydride powder in various purities and grains

Titanium sponge

Titanium semi-finished products

Delivery times

On request


Product specifications on composition and purity are on request

Do you need titanium with special delivery forms or specifications?
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Fields of application

In pyrotechnical compounds, titanium hydride and titanium metal powder are indispensible in the production of initiators for airbags and in mining. In addition, titanium hydride serves as a blowing agent in the manufacturing of aluminum foam. Titanium also plays a significant role in the production of AlNiCo magnets. Used as an alloying additive in addition to copper and cobalt, it improves the magnetic properties. Furthermore, titanium is also used in steel refining. Titanium based alloys are light and particularly resistant, thus they are used in aircraft construction and in aeronautics. In the semiconductor industry, titanium serves as a coating material.

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