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Ideally networked for the best quality and the best service.

TRADIUM operates as a global company with a large number of international producers. Long-term cooperations ensure reliability, proximity to the market and currentness for the respective products. With our sister company METLOCK, your raw materials are always stored safely.


The high-security duty-free warehouse for strategic raw materials

METLOCK GmbH, a sister company of TRADIUM, stores raw materials with a bank level security standard. Both industrial companies and private customers take advantage of this offer. The duty-free stored raw materials are protected by walls of two metres of reinforced concrete, a steel door with several tonnes of dead weight and a sophisticated electronic safety system.

With more than 3,000m2 (32,000 sq ft) of storage space, METLOCK is the ideal solution for companies without their own storage facilities or private physical asset buyers.

TRADIUM & METLOCK: A perfect complete package

METLOCK GmbH is an expert in the storage of strategic raw materials and precious metals. The conditions in the bunker are optimal for the storage of strategic metals. Therefore, once stored raw materials can be used or liquidated reliably even after many years. If you buy from TRADIUM and store at METLOCK, you can also look forward to a quick transfer of ownership and uncomplicated storage and removal.

METLOCK Bunker, Animation of the new building

Animation of the new building – completion in fall 2023

View on METLOCK Bunker in 1958

Before the refurbishment – The METLOCK bunker in 1958

Crack Drawing Bunker

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Beijing JiYa

Crate and Gallium Bottles

Beijing Jiya Semiconductor Material Co. Ltd. was founded in December 1999. The ISO-certified company is based in the Haidian District in Beijing. Bejing JiYa is a major manufacturer of gallium and gallium compounds. What makes the company so special is that the gallium products are characterized by exceptionally high quality.

TRADIUM has been the exclusive producer representative of Beijing JiYa on the European market since 2004.


The Leipzig-based company Ceritech is pushing ahead with the goal of producing rare earths without mining. They are going to be able to produce quantities equivalent to a serious conventional mine. To this end, Ceritech is developing an unconventional method for extracting rare earths from plasters. The gypsums are produced in large quantities in the production of fertilizers and, depending on the location, have good levels of rare earths. The approach is environmentally friendly and economical.

For Ceritech, TRADIUM is active in an advisory capacity with regard to product design and market needs in the German and International areas. Managing Director Matthias Rüth also sits on the Supervisory Board of Ceritech.



Titanium powder

Since its foundation in 1996, the Korean company SE-JONG MATERIALS Inc. has developed into a reliable supplier to customers from home and abroad.

SE-JONG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of zirconium and titanium powders for various applications. However, the focus is on pyrotechnics for automotive and mining as well as vacuum technology. The company has been ISO 9001:14001 certified since 2005.

TRADIUM is the official producer representative for the entire European market for the metal powder product area of Se-Jong.