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Tin for sale


At TRADIUM, tin metal is available in the following forms and purities for industrial use:

Deliverable forms

Ingots, granules

Tin powder

Purity: 99.99% – 99.999%.

Tin alloys on request


On request

Delivery times

On request


On request, we provide detailed information about the composition and purity of the products.

Do you need specific shapes or tin specifications?
Contact us, we will be happy to answer your inquiry.

Fields of application

One of the main applications of tin is the production of brazing, which is used to assemble electronic components. Food cans are made of tinned steel, as the tin layer protects them from corrosion. Tin is also widely used in alloys, such as in combination with copper to make bronze. It plays a central role in low-melting alloys such as indium tin oxide, which is used as an electrical conductor in display devices, especially LCD screens. Tin is also playing an increasingly important role in the chemical industry, where it is used, among other things, to produce stabilizers for PVC materials.

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