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Molybdenum for sale


At TRADIUM, molybdenum is available in the following forms and purities for industrial use:

Deliverable forms

Molybdenum piece, metal briquettes, nuggets, foils and sheets

In purities of at least 99.9%

Other forms on request


On request

Delivery times

On request


Product specifications on composition and purity are on request

Do you need molybdenum with special delivery forms or specifications?
Please contact us! We will be glad to help you with your request.

Fields of application

Due to its properties, molybdenum increases strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance in alloys. Thus, the metal is one of the most critical raw materials in steel refining. Molybdenum is also added to the production of tools for construction, cutting and rolling. In addition, the electrical industry requires the metal to produce halogen lamps, flat screens TVs and solar cells. Its use in semiconductor production – as a substitute for silicon – is emerging as a future market.

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