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At TRADIUM, boron metal is available in the following forms and purities for industrial use:

Deliverable forms

Boron powder in the purities 86/88 %, 90/92 %, 95/97 %

Nano boron in the purities 99.0% – 99.999%

Borides: aluminum boride, magnesium boride, titanium boride, zirconium boride

Boron carbide

Boron nitride

Delivery times

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Product specifications on composition and purity are on request

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Fields of application

Amorphous boron has been used as a raw material for numerous chemical products. It is processed for solid fuels and igniters and added to welding and solder pastes. In addition, the automotive industry requires it as a pyrotechnical component for igniters and gas generators in airbags. Boron is also used as an alloying component. Furthermore, it is an integral part of neodymium-iron-boron magnets (NdFeB magnets), which are characterized by the highest adhesive forces at the smallest volume. They are used in motors, loudspeakers, wind turbines and cars.
Due to its great hardness, boron is processed in high-performance ceramics. In nanoparticle form, boron is used in the production of superconductors for high-temperature areas. After diamonds, boron carbide is considered one of the hardest materials in the world and is highly resistant to abrasion. Therefore, it is an ideal material in the areas of machine engineering, metallurgy, automobile industry, aeronautics and ballistics, where it is used in the form of boron carbide plates. In industrial use, boron carbide also serves as a grinding and lapping agent in the processing of very hard materials. Boron nitride too is used as a grinding agent.

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