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At TRADIUM, gadolinium is available in the following forms for industrial use:

Deliverable forms

Gadolinium metal, gadolinium oxide

Purities on request


On request

Delivery times

Gadolinium oxide is always in stock, and delivery can be made promptly from the warehouse in Frankfurt/Main

For the other products, delivery times are on request

Specifications and samples

For gadolinium oxide, we offer detailed product specifications on composition and purity

The first samples of products in stock are available immediately

Do you need gadolinium with special delivery forms or specifications?
Please contact us! We will be glad to help you with your request.

Fields of application

In nuclear reactors, it is used to produce control rods. Furthermore, it is a component of many magnetic alloys like with iron and chromium. The rare earth element is used as an MRI contrast agent for pharmaceutical diagnostics and ceramic spray powders.

Gadolinium is needed to produce special optical glasses, luminescent materials, and fluorescent powders that make radar screens glow green. In the form of gallium-gadolinium garnet, it is used to produce optical components, for example, for laser devices and as substrate material for magneto-optical memories.

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