Selenium metal is found in different ores, whereby the majority is extracted as a by-product from the copper production. It is separated from anode slime to the elementary selenium. The metal can occur in either an amorphous or crystalline structure. Selenium is non-toxic in small quantities but selenium compounds are generally highly toxic.


Selenium is applied in the glass industry to decolorize waste glass, in the pigment and battery industry, in the manufacture of shampoo as well as in chemical compounds, such as zinc selenite or sodium selenite. The use as a food supplement is becoming more common. Selenium is also applied in the solar sector in photovoltaic systems (CIGS and CIS).

TRADIUM is specialized in the production of selenium granulate, whereby selenium powder and ferro-selenium can also be delivered.

Available from TRADIUM
Selenium metal
Purities 99,5 %, 99,9 %, 99,999 %
Delivery forms
powder 100 and 200 mesh
pellets 1-5 mm
granules various grain sizes on request
Packaging unit 25 kg, 50 kg, 200 kg and on request


Purity 99,5 %
Delivery forms granules 1-5 mm, 1-10 mm , other grain sizes on request
Packaging unit 25 kg, 50 kg