Rhenium is a very rare, silver-white metal. It is a by-metal in copper ores and is socialized with the very similar metal molybdenum. After tungsten, rhenium has the second highest melting point. Additionally, it has the highest boiling point of all metals with 5,596°C. Therefore, Rhenium is very suitable for the production of heat-resistant materials.


Rhenium is mainly applied in superalloys for use in aircraft turbines or stationary gas turbines. Moreover, it is used in petrochemical catalysts. Rhenium is also processed in technical spray powders for corrosion-resistant coatings.

Available from TRADIUM
Rhenium powder  purity of at least 99,9%
Rhenium pellets  purity of at least 99,9%
Ammonium perrhenate  purity of at least 69,2%