Recyclete Rohstoffe zu Quadern gepresst.

Many of the Technology Metals, Rare Earths and Precious Earths in our product palette are Critical Resources. This means that their existence is of great economic importance but their deposit is finite and their availability, especially in Europe, very limited. The mining of Strategic Resources is generally focused on only a few states. Around 80 % of Technology Metals and 90 % of Rare Earths come from China. The Middle Kingdom has also started to build up strategic raw material reserves, which further limits the supply.

Recycling has been established as an important mainstay in the supply cycle of Critical Resources. It spares resources which are constantly getting scarcer. At the same time recycling contributes to the protection of the environment and is thus linked to the preservation of modern standards of life. The sustained societal need for high-tech products as well as innovative developments in the areas of renewable energies, which require Technology Metals and Rare Earths, make recycling indispensable. Taking into account the pollution connected to the recovery of these metals, makes the necessity for the reprocessing of recycling materials even more obvious.

Missed Recycling Opportunities

Already today recycling materials make important contributions to the saturation of the markets. Still, many possibilities for recycling are not utilised. ├ľko-Institut e.V. for example states that about 50 % of the magnets containing rare earth elements become discarded metals. The Evolution2Green project asserts in their study on Recycling von Technologiemetallen that the ways consumer goods could reach the recycle cycle are far too few and highly dysfunctional.

Recycling of Technology Metals and Precious Metals with TRADIUM

In order to create new recycling opportunities we offer our customers the acquisition and work up of discarded metals and waste products. The recyclable materials are returned to the metal trading cycle. This system is the basis for a resource-conserving future and secures the worldwide resource supply.

We buy:

We are interested in valuable materials like Indium, Gallium, Germanium, Rhenium and the group of Precious Metals. For other technology metals please contact us so that we can consider our options.

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