Private Investors

Your Investment in Strategic Metals

We are aware of the increasing interest of private investors in technology metals and rare earths. Technology metals and rare earths, being coveted resources used in innovative, technological developments, offer a timely and forward-looking way to expand the investment portfolio. The fields of application for strategic metals are rapidly evolving and the worldwide demand for these raw materials is steadily growing. Therefore, the industry is faced with a risk of supply shortages. Moreover, strategic resources are not liable to inflation. In comparison with an investment in gold or silver, investments in technology metals and rare earths offer independence from banks and financial markets, as they are not market listed.



Even if industrial customers are our core business, we would like to make Strategic Metals as a physical investment available to you. Therefore, we provide you with the website Here we inform you about the advantages of an investment in strategic raw materials and show you how you can easily invest in this new asset class with TRADIUM. Visit us on TRADIUM-INVEST.