Platinum is an intensely shiny metal of very high density. It is flexible, malleable and extremely corrosion- resistant. It is insoluble in hydrochloric and nitric acid. Platinum also shows a stable behavior at high temperatures, which is why it is suitable for many industrial purposes.


Platinum is preferably used in the manufacture of laboratory equipment as it does not produce flame coloration. However, the most important sales market are exhaust gas catalysts; in particular for diesel vehicles. Furthermore, it is used in reforming catalysts combined with rhenium. It is required for large-scale industrial processes such as the production of nitric acids and for thermocouples or materials in the dental field. Platinum is also used in fuel cells, resistance wires for airbag ignitors as well as in spark plug electrodes.

Available from TRADIUM

– platinum wire
– platinum circular blanks
– platinum sponge
– platinum in different organic and inorganic compounds