Sense of Responsibility

TRADIUM GmbH takes its responsibility as employer, supplier and part of a global trading community very seriously. As an employer we see to it that our employees’ safety is guaranteed at all times. Our customers can be assured of our adherence to the agreed upon specifications as well as the application of reliable processes. We reinforce this claim with our REACH registration for our most important resources and thus our investment into transparency along the supply chain. To signal our global interest in safe working environments and human rights we comply with the international guidelines for conflict commodities.

Quality Management

TRADIUM does constantly work to improve its services in order to not only meet our customers’, business partners’ and employees’ expectations but exceed them. That is why we have implemented an ISO certification in 2003. As part of the certification program company goals tuned to the current situation are formulated each year. Goals like customer satisfaction and a continued process optimisation are key elements of these quality politics.


Environmental protection and sustainable management have always been core concerns at TRADIUM. This starts with the production. Strategic Resources predominantly come from regions whose level of pollution control do not match European standards (yet). Being a relevant customer of the producers, we have the chance to positively influence these structures.

Because of their application in technologies of the future, our products advance innovative ways to protect the environment and facilitate sustainability. Due to their extraordinary abilities, like higher electrical conductivity, technology metals and rare earths sold by TRADIUM, make it possible to lower energy usage and material consumption as well as avoid the development of environmental toxins.

In addition TRADIUM banks on a resource-efficient business concept. We take part in efforts to recycle strategic resources by offering our customers the acquisition of renewable materials.

Promoting our Employees

We believe in involving our employees in the company’s responsibility for our products and services. To reach this goal, TRADIUM creates a company culture that empowers employees to act autonomously and responsibly. Accordingly we invest in goal oriented further education, to enhance the individual talents of our team members in the most productive way possible.