It is not easy to stay up-to-date about the newest developments regarding technology metals and rare earths. With our TRADIUM newsletter we keep you informed about strategic metals. We gather the relevant news from the past three to four month and present them to you in one comfortable package.

Strategic metals – Market news (Newsletter Nr. 68)

Apr 22 2018

Despite the actual uncertainties around a possible trade war most of the strategic metals have shown an ongoing upturn in prices. This not only applies for the most demanded battery metals Cobalt and Lithium but also for a number of so-called technology metals. Gallium on the rise In recent months price for gallium has increased

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Depreciation of US currency is leaving clear traces (Newsletter Nr. 67)

Jan 06 2018

The weakening US Dollar is increasingly impacting the international markets for raw materials. All metals are usually dealt in US Dollar. But the depreciation of the American currency these days has become a burden for producers in countries like South Africa and China. As a consequence prices in USD have recently increased for most of

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Rare Earths Conference in Hongkong (Newsletter Nr. 66)

Nov 11 2017

In contrast to previous years the 2017 conference had a lot more positive to offer. Although prices were on the decline in the last couple of weeks there is still some major growth for most of rare earth elements within 2017. In particular the increasing demand for magnetic materials together with a decreasing amount of

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