Bismuth is a fragile, reddish-white metalloid that is stable in air and a byproduct of the extraction of lead and copper.


Bismuth is used in a number of pharmaceutical and electronic applications as well as in low toxic lead compounds. TRADIUM also delivers low melting alloys based on bismuth metal.

Available from TRADIUM

Deliverable Qualities:

Bismuth metal:
* 99,99 %

Bismuth oxide:
* thermal industrial grade
* thermal pure grade
* thermal pure grade fine

Bismuth Oxide wet chemical:
* HPVL pure grade
* industrial grade sieved

Bismuth subcarbonate

Deliverable forms for  Bismuth metal:
ingots, needles, shots, granules, powder

Packaging units for Bismuth metal:
> 1 kg in MT case
25 kg or 50 kg in steel drums „big bags“ etc.

Packaging units for Bismuth oxide:
paper bag plastic lined inside, big bags