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Gallium is a silvery-white metal that can be easily liquified and is comparable with aluminium due to its chemical characteristics. It has a very low melting point of 29.8°C, which is why the pure metal is only delivered in bottles. Due to its very high boiling point of 2,403°C, gallium possesses the largest liquidity range of all metals.


Gallium is indispensable in the semiconductor industry due to its special characteristics. High performance microchips as well as LEDs for light and optoelectronics count on gallium. It is a fixed component in very modern IGZO-displays. As a substitute for mercury, it is used in the form of a gallium-indium-tin-eutectic. Gallium is also used to increase the curietemperature in high-performance permanent magnets. Furthermore, it is applied in the manufacture of modern CIGS thin-film solar modules in the photovoltaics industry. Besides, Gallium is increasingly important in highefficient
power electronics for regenerative energy systems.