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A crisis-resistant and future-oriented Strategic Investment with TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt

Strategic raw materials are becoming more important for key technologies — from wind power to electrical industry to LED lighting technology, solar industry and to aerospace technology: without technology metals and rare earths, the development of high-tech products would be unimaginable.

If you buy rare earths, rare metals or technology metals, you will purchase raw materials that are essential for key technologies. The relevance of these limited resources in our technological world and with a constantly high innovation pressure is bound to increase. Hence, investments are not only a contribution towards Western Europe as a highly technical industrial base, but also a crisis-resistant financial investment with a prospect of good returns, unaffected by currency fluctuations and bank crisis.

Numerous scientific studies prove: the importance of rare earths and technology metals for technological development is increasing. The demand for such scarce raw materials with a key role will rise, as well as the price of these resources. That is why investments in technology metals and rare earths are not only a secure financial investment, but also a contribution to obtain the significance of our business location.

As an investor you might ask yourself: shouldn’t I rather buy shares of mining companies, if I want to invest in rare earths and strategic metals? Our answer is simple: neither you nor we can predict whether these companies work successfully or whether the deposits of these resources will be sufficient for long-term investments. The success of the producers cannot be predicted, but the need of technology metals and rare earths can — all reliable forecasts and scientific studies of the European Union and numerous institutes point in one direction: the demand for technology metals and rare earths will continually increase in our industrialized world. Therefore, it is a good and, above all, secure choice to go for a physical investment. For your money you will receive a physical equivalent that we store in a high-security bunker in the Rhine-Main area — that enables you to benefit from the political stability in Germany.

Safety for your investment – with TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt

There are good reasons for a cooperation with TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt: we offer a medium to long-term oriented portfolio diversification. Furthermore, investors benefit from our duty-free warehouse, as the purchase is exempt from value-added tax — you can achieve an attractive return, when liquidizing your investment at some later stage. Simultaneously, you make a contribution to provide critical raw materials to the German and European high-tech industry.

Having long-standing contacts to the industry, we do not only stand by your side when buying rare earths, but we also find buyers when you must be liquid, for we are an established market participant when it comes to rare earths and technology metals.

An investment into the future: you are on the safe side with TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt. Think about the future — with your investment in strategic metals and rare earths, you are part of tomorrow’s technological development.