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How much do I have to invest?

You can already invest into this attractive investment structure through one of TRADIUM’s cooperation partners with an investment amount starting from 5.000 Euro.

If you like to invest directly with TRADIUM, the minimum amount will be 50.000 Euro for an initial investment. There is a minimum amount of 5.000 Euro for subsequent orders.

In which strategic raw materials should I invest?

In principle, we suggest a diversification of supply, because supply and demand can always be shifted on the markets.

How do you assess the market situation, development and do any forecasts exist?

It is not possible to provide exact forecasts and prognoses. Snapshots can be seen in our TRADIUM newsletter which is normally published once a month. The newsletter reflects major changes in the markets as well as political developments in market-leading countries.

The raw materials provided by us are mostly co-products from the extraction of base metals, such as aluminium, iron, copper or zinc. However, it is unlikely that international mine operators extract additional quantities of base metals to be able to sufficiently cover the increasing need of by-products. Examples include gallium from aluminium production or indium from zinc production.

Today it has already become predictable that the need of consumer goods (smartphones, LEDs, flat-screens, etc.) will further increase due to a general backlog in emerging countries.

How can I track prices, price and value development of the investment?

We provide price charts on the website maintained by us. As these metals are not traded on the stock market, public trading centres, such as for stocks and funds, do not exist.

Is it possible to inspect my metals?

Due to high safety requirements, an inspection of the bunker is limited and can only be offered against some fees.

How can I check whether the metals are indeed stored on your premises?

The stocks are checked and verified annually by an independent auditor. If required, every Investor is free to instruct their own auditor to certify the personal stocks. All related costs at METLOCK will be for the investor’s account.

How long can I store the metals and what costs will arise?

In case of professional warehousing shelf-life of these raw materials is almost unlimited. As such we would recommend the storage of your raw materials in METLOCK’s warehouse facilities. There will be no costs for customs clearance and VAT as long as the product stays in the customs warehouse.

Costs for logistics, including storage, management and insurance, amount to 2% a year. The value of all products that are deposited in the warehouse on the respective reporting date will therefore serve as calculation basis.

How is a repurchase ensured?

If you want to sell the raw materials, we will surely be available as a potential buyer. However, this always depends on the respective economic situation and market conditions.

What deductions do I have to fear with a repurchase?

Fixed deductions do not exist. It depends on the respective economic and customer demand situation. We would be pleased to make a repurchase offer for you on request.

Why should I invest in such niche products?

A diversification of the portfolio always makes sense. Due to the promising application fields and the continuous development of key technologies (e.g. solar power, wind energy, LEDs and new communication devices), these raw materials become constantly more important for our modern world. There is already some short supply to be feared for certain raw materials, as predicted forecasts show double-digit rates of increase. Thus, many market participants consider such an investment as reasonable.

How do I contact you when interested in an investment? Do I have to register on your homepage?

Feel free to call us!
We are available for you under the following number: 069 50 50 250-0

Or just make use of our online contact form.