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Iridium is a silvery-white shining precious metal from the platinum metals group. It is rated as the most corrosion-resistant element at all. Due to its hardness and brittleness, it can be mechanically processed only with difficulty.


Iridium is often used in alloys; especially with platinum. It makes the alloys harder and more resistant to corrosions. Platinum-iridium alloys are, for example, produced for the chemical industry, the space technology and spark plug electrodes. Due to its excellent biocompatibility, there are diverse platinum- iridium products for the medical technology. It acts as a special UV protection on high-quality sunglasses. Iridium catalysts are applied in satellite and rocket engines. It is also used for the anode coating in the chlorine-alkaline electrolysis.

Available from TRADIUM

  • iridium sponge
  • iridium in different inorganic compounds
  • platinum-iridium wire
  • iridium circular blanks